Fu Chi Slots

Fu Chi Slots is a beautifully Chinese themed slot celebrating the new year by giving you some new money with every passing spin! Featuring great graphics and a fast pace of play, it’s a lot more nimble than you’d think based on the concept and look of the game. It plays well and pays generously, which goes a long way towards making it more addictive than it has any right to be. Just be careful, as it can be hard to pull yourself away from this one!

We don’t have any regrets investing our time and money into Fu Chi Slots. If anything, we think that we’d like to see other games of this kind based on the art of other cultures.

The best thing to do is jump on over and give Fu Chi Slots a try. We think you’ll fall in love with it if you give it a chance, but there’s only one way to do that. You don’t want to be on your deathbed lamenting never having tried Fu Chi Slots, do you?

Or, you can keep reading until we convince you to head on over and give it a try anyway. It’d be faster to just play it!

Premise of Fu Chi Slots

The main draw of most slots today, the premise of Fu Chi Slots is Chinese culture, focusing specifically on things related to the new year.

Presentation in Fu Chi Slots

The graphics in Fu Chi Slots are wonderful. Everything is clear, colorful, crisp, and compelling to look at, which makes your time spent playing a joy because it’s largely a joy to look at and behold. Production values are high, and everything is kept respectable. Nothing feels cheap, and everything looks very fresh.

We are also very happy that they decided to use Kanji in the presentation. We don’t like it when Asian themed games use English suits of cards because it’d be just as easy and far prettier to use Kanji. They did it here, and proved us right!

Gameplay Mechanics in Fu Chi Slots

Gameplay in Fu Chi Slots is great. At 5 reels and 50 pay lines, it does not break the mold there, chosing instead to keep things classy in ways we can respect.

Betting here starts at a penny, which prevents this slot from being too daunting while also giving anyone willing to take a risk the chance to still have some high stakes fun. Max bets cap out low, which tends to be how we rolled when we played it a bunch for our review. Keeps things casual and makes for longer play sessions

The bonus feature here is called the Free Spins Feature. Although not very inventive, it works, and works well. We certainly never got mad when it rolled round!

Liked About Fu Chi Slots

+ Great art + Nice theme + Respectfully done + Kanji!!! + Solid gameplay mechanics + Seems to payout fairly and often

Disliked About Fu Chi Slots

- Can be a little addicting at times for obvious reasons - Gameplay is not very innovative

Who is Fu Chi Slots For?

This game is suitable for players of all types. In particular, it should appeal to:

* Chinese aesthetic fans * Moderate intensity players that have gotten their feet plenty wet in the online slots world and are looking for something a little more involved * People more used to normal video games that are looking to get their feet wet in the world of online slots * Jaded slot vets * People that mostly want to win a bunch of money playing digital slot games * Players new to digital slots and looking for something relatively accessible * Players looking for slot nostalgia for the similarities and differences this slot has to other games

Who is Fu Chi Slots NOT For?

Although we enjoy this slot, it is not for everybody. In particular, it may not be your cup of tea if this describes you in any fashion:

* Racist * You find the theme in any way offputting * Looking for something truly innovative in the genre * Averse to winning money online

Is Fu Chi Slots Buggy?

In the many hours we spent playing this game, we did not encounter any bugs, problems, or errors. The same cannot be said for all slots of this genre, so we commend the developers for a job well done on that. We also encountered no issues in processing winnings or payments, and everything ran very smooth just like you would expect across many varied devices in a variety of ecosystems and operating systems.

Conclusion - The Bottom Line on Fu Chi Slots

Fu Chi Slots is one of the prettiest Chinese themed games on the market, and will blow your mind as it blows up your wallet with every passing spin. We recommend this game easily to anyone, and if you don’t like it, the problem is you!

We implore you, just give Fu Chi Slots a chance! It’s a game well worth your time and money, and it’s not like you won’t end up being paid to play it. Just start off with a spin. A single spin. That’s all it’ll take for you to fall in love with Fu Chi Slots!